Monday, June 4, 2007

What You Find When Cleaning Out Your Sewing Room

Last week, my quilting group culminated a 6-month long project where we used black and white fabric. Of course, the collecting of fabrics might be the most fun of any project but there are so many wonderful 'blacks & whites' out there, we all went a little nuts on this one.

With our blocks finished and ready to put up on the design wall, I thought I'd do a little clean up in my sewing room. I tend to put certain selections of fabric in 'project bags' so I have them all together when I get the time to begin a quilt but after piling more than a dozen of these bags under my cutting table, I started filling my closet, racks, cupboards and shelves with them. Now, there's barely enough visible carpet space for me to walk on since they've started filling that part of the room too.

I started under the cutting table since that's where the oldest, and, I thought most easily 'donatable' items would be.

I found a completed top that I'd forgotton about and REALLY like, a bag full of "minkie" scraps from a baby quilt I made 2 years ago and one bag, WAAAAAY under the table that was particularly heavy. When I brought it out and looked inside, I found 37 (that's thirty-seven!) fat quarters, 1/4 and 1/3 yard pieces of. . . .black and white fabrics!! Yes, these would have been perfect additions to the blocks I'd just finished making! Some had chunks cut out of them so I know I used them for something but can't for the life of me figure out what. Can't remember buying them either! Sheesh!!

What does this mean. . .besides a gigantic Senior Moment? Well, perhaps that I have too much fabric AND that I'm going to need a larger recepticle to add to the black and white fabrics I used for our last project.

Hope you're all getting a giggle out of this. . .

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  1. "Senior moment," indeed! Harumph! I'm not buying that kind of talk, not for a minute!

    The quilt is gorgeous!!!