Saturday, December 27, 2008

Those Clever Cubes!

For those of you who have made the One Block Wonder (or "Kaleidoscope" if you've taken my class) and are itching to make another (as most of us inevitable do!) you might want to try incorporating some of those 3-D cubes you see in the quilts in Maxine Rosenthal's newest book. I've developed a new 3-hour class that teaches you 6 different cubes so you can get really fancy with your next quilt. You can even make a whole quilt just out of the cubes themselves which looks really cool! (Sarah Nephew originated this design WAY back and her quilt is a classic). Watch my schedule for a class coming up or book one for your guild.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sign Up For A Class!

I really have gotten to a point where I LOVE to teach classes! I meet the nicest bunch of quilters everywhere I go! It always inspires me to take on a new project myself.

I recently taught my "Kaleidoscope" class at the great new "Beehive Quilts" shop in Woodland, Ca and met the loveliest bunch of ladies! I've taught this class at least a dozen times but never tire of seeing what all those bright, large-scale prints everyone comes up with turn out to look like! I say this is a quilt that starts out "traditional" and leaps to "art-quilt" by the time you're done. Best of both worlds! Look below to the "Kaleidoscope" blog entry to see 2 examples of this quilt.

If you haven't taken a class in a while, why not shine yourself up a bit with a new technique or design? Here is a current list of classes I'm teaching:

Wednesday, February 11, "Fusible Images" Beehive Quilts, Woodland, Ca (that's the one I'm holding, above). This is a 2-part, evening class, 5 hours total. The second part of the class will be held Wednesday, February 18.

Saturday, March 7, "Kaleidoscope" at Beehive Quilts, Woodland, CA

Sunday, July 20, 2008


From the moment I saw Maxine Rosen-thal's book "One-Block Wonder" back in February of 2006, I was hooked on these mezmerizing quilts! I've taught this class so many times I thought everyone who wanted to had taken it but, after making 7 of these quilts myself (with 4 or 5, 4-yard pieces of fabric waiting in my stash for more!) I know how adicting they can be. And since her new "Encore" book came out a couple of months ago with instructions to make those great cubes, well, here goes another round of teaching this great quilt.

Here are a couple of my "Kaliedoscopes".

Monday, June 9, 2008

Anyone For A Class?

I know, I know, it's been a bloomin' YEAR since I've posted on my blog for heaven sakes. What's with that?! I've been busy. . .yea, yea, I know, we're ALL busy. See, Back in January, I was lucky enough to get a spot on NCQC's (Northern California Quilt Council) "Meet The Teachers" meeting where quilt teachers and lecturers get 3 minutes to show the quilts they teach and say a few words about the lectures they give in front of a room full of quilt guild representatives. Well, I seemed to say the right things and ended up being booked by several guilds for my lectures and classes. Really, I couldn't be happier! So, my calendar's been a little more full than usual and I've been trying to develop some new classes. One of them is pictured here. I call it "Woven Silhouettes" and it's inspired by Anne Faustino's new book, "Simply Stunning Woven Quilts", a fabulous book!

I've had people ask when and where I'm going to be teaching so here's a list that I'll try to keep current as I book more classes:

Saturday, October 11 "Kaleidoscope" Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Fremont, Ca

Thursday, October 16, "Kaleidoscope" Roseville Quilt Guild, Roseville, Ca

Wednesday, October 22nd "3-D Blocks" Beehive Quilts Woodland, Ca. (These are the cubes you see in Maxine Rosenthal's "Encore" version of her popular book) .

Saturday, November 1 "Kaleidoscope" at Beehive Quilts, Woodland, Ca (

Wednesday, November 5, "Woven Silhouettes" Cloth Carousel, Winters, Ca

"Fusible Images" February 11 & 18, 2009 Beehive Quilts, Woodland, Ca

If you are interested in any of these classes, please call the shops or better yet, give them a visit and check them out!