Monday, June 4, 2007

The Fabulous X-Block

I discovered this amazing piece of plastic at the Road to California Quilt Show in January of this year. Who knew that a simple square ruler with some angled lines on it would allow you to make the COOLEST quilts with seemingly hard-to-make, intricate borders all in one swoop and with NO WASTE of fabric!

If you want to try a class for just about any skill level, this is it! Quilt Queen Designs has come up with many great patterns and I've made quilte a few, ALL with results that will make you want to give the resulting quilts away to your most cherished friends (or wrap them around your OWN self!)

Here you see the "Mo's Basket" pattern. Looks difficult, huh? Basically, you make 4-patches, more or less, (chain pieced, no-brainers) then set your magic ruler on top of them and cut away wedges to make the blocks look a little caty-wampus. Don't throw away what you've cut off though--you'll use those peices for that initricate-looking border I spoke of before!

Litterally, after a couple of hours, you'll have a great-looking quilt you'll be pround of. Contact me to set up a class for you and your friends and I'll walk you through the whole thing!

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