Friday, June 1, 2007

So, It Begins

I was about to welcome you to my brand new blog but first, I have to welcome myself! I decided 16 minutes ago to create a blog owning to the fact that I spent 2 hours earlier this evening in the 11th of 12 web design classes I signed up for at the Davis Adult School back in February.

For those of you who don't know, (I didn't!) web design is like learning a new language--wait, no, not "like", it IS learning a new language! Pretty much gobbledegoop really. Want to see? Try this: log on to any website you think is really great. When you're on a pretty page, go up to the right hand side near the top and pull down on "page". Click on "view source" and you will see where every page of every website comes from: Code. All those jumbled symbols, some of which you have to search to find on the keyboard you've been using for decades, the weird letter combinations, all the quotation marks, the &Nld, they all mean something important to this website. And, like all things "computer" if there's one, single goof--a blank space here or a left out "<" there, things don't work! Oh, there's a lot more to it than that of course, every inch of it to drive you batty and frustrate you like nothing else on earth. But I'm not a quitter (although I think I'm bordering on machochism) so I've continued.

So, in the 11th of 12 classes, our instructor says, "you know, starting a blog is, of course, a lot easier than designing a web page but you have so much more creative opportunity in a website". Know what Mr. T (his true name shall remain a mystery, much the same as the way his mind works) I'm ready for 'easy'!

I logged on to each of the 3 blogs I read on a regular basis and noticed they all used so, I thought, what the hay? Let's try this. And whereas a full moon is not the most auspicious time to begin anything, it IS a Sagittarius Full Moon so, being a Double Sag. . . I guess I can't help myself. I'm ready. Ready to show people my quilts and make comments on the making of them, ready to promote the classes I teach to make those quilts and ready to give those of you who are interested, a little taste of what you'll hear if you have me come lecture to your quilt guild.

Are YOU ready for ME?


  1. Hi Diane,
    Welcome to the blogosphere!! I encourage you to register your blog at if you want more traffic.

    Tips for Bloggers - BRT Insights

  2. Diane, you may want to change your settings to "moderate" the comments on your blog. You will occasionally get some off-topic and/or inappropriate comments posted onto your blog. Moderating enables you to delete those comments and prevent them from polluting the topic focus of your blog site.