Sunday, November 27, 2016

En Provence--It's HERE!!

I LOVE this time of year: Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas (in that order) AND Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery!! I couldn't rate the order of these 4 events for ANYthing--I love each and every one of them.

Since I became aware of BH's mystery, I've made 3 of them and did NOT make 2 of them, which I regret. The three I made, I did in MY colors rather than what Bonnie chose--a big risk and not always successful. . . En Provence is the epitome of MY COLORS!!

As of Sunday at 8:00 pm, I've made 120 of the 221 4-patches required in the 1st clue. As you can see, I've included kitties as well as chickens! I used about 35 of the 'neutrals' in my stash and have the 2" strips cut for the remaining 4-patches ready to put together before the next 'clue' on Friday December 2nd.

I've pulled from my stash at least 25 different fabrics of each color for the remaining fabrics of the mystery (except for the 'magenta' for which I'm using the suggested 'single cut'). I only bought a couple of new fabrics with kitties on them because Bonnie saw  so many cats on her trip.

My admiration for Bonnie is immense and I wonder on a regular basis if she actually sleeps! Seriously, she is a dynamo! Long Live Bonnie Hunter!!! See more link-ups at Bonnie's blog: