Saturday, December 3, 2016

I Can't Wait!

You know, I'm at that age when time has begun to move ridiculously fast. My mother always had that complaint and I couldn't understand what she meant. She told me I would find out when I got older. As with everything else, she was right. I realized the other day that I find myself saying "I can't WAIT" a lot.  Like, I can't wait for Bonnie's next clue! I've been looking forward to every Friday morning as though it was Christmas ever since Bonnie Hunter started her newest mystery. I think that's what's making time move so quickly!

I've always loved quilts made with the Tri Recs ruler as it makes an outstanding star. However, getting it right is HARD! It's an ornery little thing. That eensy-tiny corner that you have to take off on the smaller unit and its placement on the larger triangle is crucial to the success of the block as is the necessity of having an exact 1/4" seam.

Bonnie Hunter's second clue in her "En Provence" mystery was to make 100 of these neutral/magenta units which will finish at 3". DONE! I've used over 45 different neutrals from my stash so far in the 2 clues and I'm hoping that will make for a really nice look for my quilt.

By the way. . . I'm keeping track of the time when I work on this mystery. I have a spread sheet with date, time in and time out and project description. The last Bonnie Hunter mystery I made took 39  hours just to piece the top!!! Totally worth it as it's one of my favorite quilts! Let's see how long this one takes. I'd be interested to see how long other people are taking to get through these clues.

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Never thought to keep a time log! However, like you, I am wishing time away too....can't wait for Friday ;-)

  2. 45 different neutrals! I am impressed. Your units look great. Love your magenta fabric.

  3. I am amazed by the diversity of your neutrals. I'm not keeping track of the time I spend because I work in spurts. Maybe a half hour here, an hour there.

  4. My first mystery - I can't wait too! Janet in UK (aka Englishquilter)

  5. Mine will get done in time for the next clue. I try to write down the date of Starting and Completion for the Label. I like your colors! I have plenty of other activities taking up my extra time. Decorating and Christmas events have to be attended.